Minimum sizes for interior trims

Naturally, the minimum bending sizes will depend on available bending blades, the required corner radius and the tonnage of the bending machine that is required during the bending process. This means that in some cases of thick, long plates, other bending tools are used, as a result of which we revert to another (larger) inner measurement. Whilst, in other cases, it is still possible to achieve a shorter fold, listing all the bending process options would take us a little too far. That is why we can only provide some rough guidelines. Even after years of experience, you can be wrong now and again. When in doubt, contact us as early as during the design stage.

Opening up holes close to the bending line

Opening up holes too close to the bending line is a known problem. The above listed dimensions can also be used as a guideline, although we have a little more leeway here. Holes should be set at a sufficient distance from the bending line; if there is no other choice, and the holes do need to come close to a bending line, there are other (but more expensive) ways to solve this problem.

U folded sheets

In the case of U profiles, the rule often applied is that the legs must not be higher than the base. This is a good general rule, provided that all the sheets or plates for which the base is wider than the legs can be folded. If the legs are higher than the base, you should contact us in the design stage, unless an intermediate fold (+ link) is not a problem. If the base is at least 75 mm, one lip is limited to 1200 mm, and the other is theoretically unlimited. For narrower U profiles, the height of the legs is limited to 150 mm, e.g. 150/40/150 mm. Requesting technical feedback is the only option here, preferably already in the design stage.


Please allow a maximum sheet thickness of 2 mm for selvedges. Even though thicker sheets can theoretically have a selvedge, in practice, these are so convex that the result is not very attractive. If given the choice, we prefer a selvedge of 15 mm inside dimension.

Available bending tools for larger radii

For a length of 4000 mm: R10, R12.5, R15, R17.5, R20 and R25

 For a length of 830 mm: R35

 For a length of 1670 mm: R50