QA/QC: Afbeelding 1

Alinco guarantees its quality as follows:

- EN1090 FPC (= factory production control) manual in which most of the procedures that already existed have been grouped together and structured according to EXC1 and EX2
- Alinco is subject to regular inspections by a welding engineer
- Material certificate management that goes well beyond the obligations for EN1090 EXC1/2
- A stock that is always entirely inventoried, including for residual sheet metal
- Very solid in-house site management for goods being processed: all pieces coming from the laser / the sheet metalworker's snips / the sawing machine / from outside are placed on site electronically; this localisation system is also active during production and until dispatch
- A solid in-house labelling system: for each receipt of goods but also, for example, for residual sheet metal
- In-house instructions to prevent scratches (which cannot of  course be 100% prevented) for example, brushes on tables, rubber protections for corners, etc.
- Use of good-quality and recent material and machines
- In-house meetings are regularly organised with the staff from the designer department and the workshop in order to improve in-house structures and quality
- The Alinco workshop is open for customers' external audits
- A high-performance ERP software suite is completed by quite personalised programs that do exactly as Alinco expects
- etc.