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Apart from the manufacture of semifinished products, we also produce completely finished products. Parts are welded, assembled and finished in a separate department. We make all types of products in stainless steel or rustproof steel, for example:

  • Trays, drip trays, collection trays, double sided trays, recipients…
  • Tanks, vessels, double-walled heating vessels…
  • Machine casings and all types of sheeting and parts for machine construction
  • Industrial furniture, including furniture for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Carts, transport carts, stock carts, various racks
  • Kitchen work surfaces and back splashes and table support, table legs
  • Frames, constructions, landings
  • Wall coping, railings (for example for the pharmaceutical sector)
  • Welded duct pieces, downpipe, reducers, square-round manifolds, ducting, welded bends, and the same in loose parts.
  • Design furniture, pieces of art, parts for building scaffolds and promotion, folder stands, …
  • There are too many to name here…

Material is constructed according to the client’s plans or to their own design.
We produce by the piece and larger series.

This department is characterized by:

  • Extensive technical possibilities
  • Certified welders
  • Both stainless steel and aluminium welding
  • When welding, we focus on a high-quality welding result while minimizing deformations
  • Glass-blasting and pickling are done by us
  • Vast knowledge of finishes, polishing techniques and roughness values.
  • Experience with technically challenging pieces
  • Execution according to the customer's design or our own design, in consultation with the customer
  • Processing is strictly separated from steel processing

Stainless steel processing is a trade in its own, requiring specific trade knowledge.

Our range of products:

Alinco can offer you a wide variety of products, from a simple stainless steel sheet to a complex contruction. Alinco can offer you e.g.:

  • Cones, hoppers, cylinders,
  • casing, double-walled containers, recipients
  • furniture, transfer benches, cabinets, tables
  • ventilating ducts, silencers
  • work of art
  • stainless steel gutters, stainless steel drain, stainless steel kitchen surfaces, cabinets, custom-made constructions
  • vessels, tanks and more