Certificates: Afbeelding 1

With its material certificate management, Alinco goes beyond EN1090 EXC1/3 provisions.

Alinco has a complete traceability system for sheet metal. That means that we can say which batch each piece of sheet metal somewhere in our production comes from.

Within this framework, we work as follows:
- For all orders for sheet metal, pipes and fillers for welding, 100% of material certificates are requested as standard. Suppliers must mention the charge number on their delivery slips
- An initial inspection is performed upon receipt of the goods. For each batch / charge number (generally a pallet), a pallet number is created and the charge number indicated on the sheet metal is checked and photographed. Of course, this is only possible if the charge number is still indicated on the sheet metal, which is not always the case (on worn sheet metal, the charge number is generally erased and on steel sheet metal, it is not always customary to mention the charge number on the sheet). The photo taken upon receipt of these goods is then linked electronically to the pallet number in the system
- The material certificates are either handed over upon delivery or sent electronically. An in-house procedure has been set up to check these material certificates in-depth with regard to certain data. During this in-depth check, the charge number is again compared with the one introduced and that on the photo
- From the time a piece of sheet metal is used (laser or perforation), the pallet number must be recorded and the approved certificate is automatically linked to all cut sub-pieces.
- At the end of the order, all certificates are automatically grouped together in 1 folder; they are then checked and handed over to the customer upon request.

Complete and unequivocal material certificate management is therefore in place for all sheet metal.
Regarding fillers for welding, the certificate is 100% checked upon receipt of the goods.
For parts ordered as part of a project such as rotating parts, wheels, etc., 100% traceability is of course not a problem either.
For other materials, 100% traceability is not yet achievable at present (think, for example, of bolts and nuts which are completed when the box is almost empty).  For projects requiring 100% traceability, these materials are therefore purchased according to the project (coming back to the example of bolts and nuts: we then buy a new box of bolts with a certificate and place the excess in our stock).

Please clearly indicate in advance whether you need certificates. Low administrative costs shall be billed (12.50 euros per material and thickness). It is important for us despite our traceability as we often perform additional intermediate checks for these projects.