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  • Alinco's welding equipment includes:

    • 14 fully equipped welding tables of special copper-aluminium alloy with accessories
    • 20 welding machines: TIG, MIG/MAG, our main emphasis being on the finer TIG welding.
    • Stick welding machines
    • 3 spot welding machines

    All our welders are certified. We also handle aluminium welding.

    A complete welding book can be provided on request and for an extra cost.

    Our welding projects can comply with EN1090-2 up to execution class EXC2.

    In addition, Alinco regularly outsources welding to its sister company Deprest, which has a Plasma Keyhole Welding installation. This technology is particularly suitable for welding 3 to 8 mm thick stainless-steel material and, if desired, will perform a full penetration weld in a single pass without edge preparation. This is interesting for larger round welds and longitudinal welds of rolled sheets, but also for butt welds. The metal sheets experience very little distortion because of the controlled welding process, in contrast to a manual weld.