Alinco offers a wide range of sheet material products:

  • Bunkers, hoppers, boilers and funnels
  • Drip-trays and different sorts of trays/pans
  • Machine guards, folded plates…
  • Landings
  • Ducting, welded and seamed air ducts

We are suppliers for the chemical and petrochemical industries, the offshore, construction and nuclear industries, installation companies… and metal fabrication colleagues. In the execution and the finishing of orders, the sector- and/or client-specific requirements are taken into account.

 Your projects can be executed in stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium, and also high-alloy metals in separated areas, on the basis of either your own drawings or our design. If necessary, we meet with you on your premises to discuss the project and after the placement of an order, we provide one or more designs for your approval. All of our welders are certified; if required, certificates can be presented.