Breedbandschuurmachine Ontbraammachine Spiegelgepolijst stuk Glasstraalcabine Beitsinstallatie Polishing, glass bead blasting and pickling: Afbeelding 6 Polishing, glass bead blasting and pickling: Afbeelding 7 Polishing, glass bead blasting and pickling: Afbeelding 8

Because of its size, Alinco can afford an extensive range of finishing machines.

An overview of the machinery at our disposal:

Deburring and polishing

  • Double-sided deburring tool/side breaker for rounding the sharp welding edges (both contours and holes) on both sides
  • Rotary vibrator
  • Wide belt grinding machine 1250 mm
  • Long belt grinding machine
  • Several small polishing and grinding machines
  • Gloss meter
  • The needed (house-made) tools for mirroring/mirror polishing
  • Roughness meter

Our people have had years of experience, allowing all possible polishing finishes, including mirror-shine. A nice finish is mainly achieved by good welding without deformations and a thorough knowledge of straightening and polishing methods. The parts are finished according to the indicated roughness values; we will deliver a measuring report upon request.

Glass blasting

  • Glass bead blasting cabin 6x4 metres - height 3 metres
  • The glass bead blasting is executed with a very fine grain in order to achieve an aesthetic effect and to limit damage to the surface as much as possible


  • Pickling bath for pickling bath immersions of parts up to 4470x1480x1000 mm
  • Spray pickling equipment for large parts
  • Several electrolytic pickling machines