A glance into our workshop: Afbeelding 1

Alinco offers all sorts of sheet-metal working under the same roof, e.g.:

Alinco opted for separate processing of stainless steel and carbon steel, as a result of which working of the different metals takes place in separate halls. Our building also features all necessary roller benches, various pipe networks... Alinco keeps a large stock of sheets in order to be able to supply rapidly and flexibly.

Thanks to our outstanding ERP software:

  • We can work in a flexible and effective manner. Planning of laser cutting, sawing and shearing is a semi-automatic process.
  • We can easily trace everything as a result of good location management and correct registration.
  • Our sheets are fully traceable, standard material certificates can be retrieved and the certificates and heat numbers of cut and uncut sheets are available at all times.
  • We can effectively process both big and small orders alike.

We do have a nice workshop, that much is true, but of course passionate, skilled personnel doing their jobs with the aid of the above listed machines and tools, that’s our strength.

Components for the engineering sector. On the basis of your electronic files we take care of production of:

  • total machine enclosures,
  • semi-finished parts such as laser tags, fold-formed pieces, welded parts

made from stainless steel, aluminium or carbon steel. You can determine yourself what processing operation you want to undertake yourself or what you wish to commission to Alinco. We also gladly assist you with our advice in the development of new machines. Moreover, regular customers/designers have free access to our technical database (still under construction) for information on form-folding and cutting/shearing.