The rich history of Alinco: more than 30 years of experience!

Foundation of Alinco. The founders chose Alinco as their name, meaning "aluminium inox construction". The name rather indicated their strategic goal, since Alinco was, at the time, mainly a producer of small steel constructions.
After the bankruptcy of HMC, specialised in air ducts, 6 of their employees join Alinco.
Move from the centre of Sint-Niklaas to Industriepark West. Purchase of the first CNC-driven press brake.
Alinco is taken over by Peter Depraetere and Karine De Bie. They employ 23 people.
Acquisition of the first laser cutting machine, a new technology reserved at the time for specialised firms, is integrated in the sheets department. The time-consuming tracing work is no longer necessary, which allows us to work more accurately.
The move to number 4 in the Pachtgoedstraat in Temse enables us to triple our workshop surface. Apart from investing in a new building, we also acquire a number of new machines.
Partial takeover of activities of the bankrupt Waasmunster company WVM. In our new department we now process aluminium extruded profiles for our customers.
The existing building is getting too small. We expand by hiring a neighbouring building with a surface of 1600m².
Alinco goes through another big expansion, acquiring a.o. a new laser cutting machine 4x2 metres with tube module, a CNC 4 metres press brake, a double-sided deburring machine and a glass blasting cabin.
Alinco celebrates its 30th birthday and has now become a key player in the sheet business. The expansion continues with the inventory and traceability of sheets, clear internal labeling, ... Alinco throws a brilliant 30th birthday party.
Alinco's owners take over Werkhuizen Armand Deprest in Kruibeke, a company specialised in pressure vessels, the construction of vessels, big chocolate tanks and chocolate pumps. The collaboration benefits the customers of both companies, increasing the knowledge and the number of services and products available. Visit the Deprest website..
Karine De Bie, who has been active in Alinco for 15 years, takes over the day-to-day management from her husband, Peter Depraetere. The latter will from now on occupy himself with the management of Deprest NV.
Alinco achieves its EN 1090 certification.
Alinco has invested in new bending machines and fiber laser cutting technology in recent years and is thus equipped for the future.
Alinco invested in a new bending machine, in new deburring and polishing equipment and is investing heavily in digitisation behind the scenes.