EN1090: Afbeelding 1 EN1090: Afbeelding 2

Since mid-2014, Alinco is EN1090-2 certified for steel and stainless steel according to method 1 and 3a:

  • EN1090-2 up to execution      class EXC2 for all executions
  • EN1090-2 up to execution      class EXC4 for the first processing (cutting and folding)

For projects in steel or aluminium up to execution class EXC3 (for all executions) or EXC4 (for plasma cutting), please contact our sister company Deprest.

Since then, we have already completed a certain number of EN1090 projects in practice and have delivered them with the CE marking. You then receive a DOP (declaration of performance) with the invoice.

The EN1090 regulations lay down the provisions relating to building products and its objective is to guarantee a general quality level for this type of product. The standard imposes quite a large number of obligations on construction workshops, such as material certificate management, machine calibration, welding stations and measuring equipment, procurement supervision and control, welder certificates and WPS/PQR; it imposes an obligation to have a qualified RWC (Responsible Welding Coordinator), at least 100% of visual inspections of weld seams, etc. and it is comparable to a traditional ISO system, yet much more focused on the technical side of welding. Consequently, the EN1090 certificate provides an indication of a certain quality level for a construction workshop.

All orders processed by Alinco are not EN1090 projects but on the other hand, non-EN1090 projects also of course enjoy the level of quality guaranteed by the EN1090 certificate.

However, if requesting a price and/or order, please indicate whether the products requested must have an EN1090 CE marking. Given that Alinco often manufactures spare parts, we do not always know their applications. And even laser-cut sheet metal that resembles a stair stringer part may be a machine part and thus not fall under EN1090

Note: Even though Alinco is well organised in terms of software, a project actually falling under EN1090 requires more time and this is reflected in the price. Please take account of that.