An intermediate fold expands the technical possibilities for bending. If the legs of a folded sheet are too deep compared to the base, the only way to bend this part is by using an intermediate fold.  Then there will be a visible line in the centre of the base due to the intermediate fold.  While this usually has no impact at a functional level, aesthetically speaking it is slightly more challenging. Using an intermediate fold also becomes more difficult if there are holes in the base of the U profile.

Technical possibilities

  • Intermediate fold: min. base width 15 mm - leg height max. 150 mm (taking into account the thickness of the sheet, e.g., with a 4 mm sheet, bending a 15 mm flange is not possible). For more information, please click on the following link.
  • Intermediate fold min. 30 mm base width – leg height max.175 mm (taking into account the thickness of the sheet).
  • Intermediate fold where length of legs exceeds 175 mm: take min. 75 mm wide base - one lip is limited to 1200 mm in height, and the other is theoretically unlimited.