Press brake: Afbeelding 1 Press brake: Afbeelding 2

Press brake bending produces a rounded edge, also known as a hem. In this process, the edge is rolled and pressed onto itself in order to avoid leaving sharp and/or wide edges, at the top of a container for example.  This also increases the robustness of the part.


The following configurations are possible:

Hems up to and incl. 1.5 mm

Max. length 3000 mm

Hemming die: height 7 mm (larger is possible)


Hems up to and incl. 2 mm: if free to choose, prefer 15 mm hemming die

Max. length 4000 mm

Up to 2 mm hemming die 14 mm return

Unfolded length if hemming: do not subtract sheet thickness for hemming e.g. U profile 50/100/50 with two 15 mm hems thickness 1.5 mm

Unfolded length = 15+48.5+97+48.5+15


Hems up to and incl. 3 mm

Max. length 2000 mm

3 mm is already quite thick, which means that the rounding on the upper side is fairly round. 

For a better variant from 3 mm, a double folded hem, for example 30/30.