Steel plate with bending segments Bended plate Steel piece with bending segments Bending segment technique Folded cones Inox cones with bending segments Bending Bended cone

Working with bending segments is a technique that is frequently used when rollers/a plate rolling mill cannot be used or are not appropriate, this mainly for two reasons:

  • Technically speaking, plate rolling mills cannot perform this operation
  • Plate rolling gives an excessively generous tolerance (especially if the piece has to be really rigid)

As shown on the pictures, Alinco uses a technique allowing the folds to be very close together, so much so that only an expert will be able to tell that the piece is not rolled but folded.

The number of bending segments that can be produced in the process is often a tradeoff between price and quality. Obviously, the more folds there are, the more expensive the piece.