Internal part heat exchanger Aluminium welding work Aluminium welding work

Apart from stainless steel, Alinco also processes aluminium. We supply the following:

  • Sheet and construction, in the same manner as we do for stainless steel.
  • Welding work in aluminium
  • Treatment of aluminium extruded profiles: saw work, milling work, assembly work …

Aluminium is a material with many advantages (light, easy to extrude, good resistance against corrosion, can be recycled. At the same time it is a material that is more difficult to process than steel or stainless steel. Laser cutting is more complex, the material is less flexible during bending or sheet rolling, the welding process is more complex. Trade knowledge is very important in this regard.

Sheet and construction

Our standard quality is alu almg3. Apart from that, we also process pre-anodized aluminium.


Aluminium welding is known to be a bit more difficult for the following reasons:

  • You need a suitable welding station.
  • Because aluminium conducts heat quicker than stainless steel or iron, more heat is required during the welding process.
  • The risk of cracking and bad welds is larger than with stainless steel and iron. Trade knowledge is therefore very important with welding.
  • Aluminium produces a heavier weld, making it more difficult when it comes to aesthetics.
  • For further finishing of the weld: the weld will lose a large part of its strength during grinding.

Alinco possess enough knowledge to do aluminium welds in a good manner. For welding of larger materials, we have welding stations available of up to 400A.