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We make:
  • kitchen work surfaces, worktops for kitchens with or without welded sinks and sink with drain assembly
  • splashbacks, wall plates, rear panels, kitchen skirtings

Kitchen work surfaces

A kitchen worktop can be made in 2 versions:


  •  A 1.5 or 2 mm stainless steel sheet glued to a wooden support. Flange collars can then be folded in the visible places. When sinks need to be inserted and welded into the worktop, we always use 2 mm stainless steel because it is sure to produce a good end result. The steel is usually given a unidirectional brushed or a non-directional brushed finish. Sinks can be welded in. In the case of kitchen worktops with folded collars, a wood template, usually a waterproof 18-mm plywood frame, is usually glued underneath to add strength and reduce noise. If the flange collar is higher, e.g. 40 mm, it must be packed with additional filler underneath by the customer afterwards. The trend of the past few years has been for flat plates without folded flanges.


  •   A flat metal plate without folded flanges has much cleaner lines. Since the sheet must offer sufficient rigidity, we recommend a sheet thickness of 4, 5 or 6 mm. Sinks can be welded in place, even in the case of these thicker plates and the finish usually has a unidirectional or non-directional brushed texture. A hot-rolled plate may be used for this; if so, we prefer to give it another final treatment.


N.B.: Alinco makes kitchen worktops, but does not take measurements or offer a fitting service. The kitchen manufacturer or handyman takes care of that. However, it is relatively easy to fit a kitchen worktop; this won't be a problem for a handyman.

For information on wooden templates, please click here.


A splashback is usually a 1 or 1.5 mm stainless steel sheet, in a polished/brushed/blasted finish (term used interchangeably) that is bonded to a wall. This is rather simple and can be done using Tec 7. 1 mm is suitable for smaller plates and/or a very flat substrate. For somewhat larger panels or a non-flat background, 1.5 mm is recommended. Cutouts for sockets and special shapes should be measured and done in advance, as it is not advisable to do this afterwards. Alinco makes splashbacks, but does not take measurements or offer a fitting service.

Maximum dimensions: 4000x2000 mm; of course, most are much smaller and the panel can be bent if necessary. Please make sure that the walls are properly squared and the corner quite straight. If not, you should work with two separate panels.


 For tips on stainless steel maintenance, please click here.