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Here we make furniture for:

  • Pharmaceutical industry. Within the sheeting division, one of our specialties is the manufacture of furniture for the pharmaceutical industry. Transfer benches, washstands, including washbasins with rounded corners, hallstands, furniture for several zones, clothing hangers, filter testing tables, fixed and movable furniture with drawers or doors, autoclave carts, racks, inspection tables, sheeting for clean rooms, dustbin containers, steel sampling probes… too many to mention them all.
    Here also many desired quality levels varying per project but it goes without saying that we apply the highest quality requirements. Mandated roughness values may be maintained.
  • Medical furniture for hospitals, similar as mentioned above.
  • Miscellaneous other furnishings

It concerns custom work, in which we will create a design in consultation with the client. One or several drawings may be presented to the client for approval. Functionality and ability to clean are more important criteria during the design process.

Of course, we will also base our work on the client’s drawings.
Alinco will not only supply directly to the pharmaceutical industry but also to other suppliers for the same sectors.