Project in the spotlight: trolley with braking system

A great project that illustrates Alinco’s versatility once again.

The contract involved making 5 trolleys for large vessels for a pharmaceutical customer abroad. The safety issue that needed to be resolved was that mainly female staff should be able to drive around with carts carrying 500 to 1000 litre tanks. Once these trolleys start moving, they can no longer be stopped using ‘manpower’ alone. Conventional wheels with brakes therefore did not provide a solution.

Alinco therefore designed hygienic trolleys with a robust braking system that stops the cart from moving as soon as the ‘driver’ loses his or her grip. Obviously, the focus was also on the hygiene aspect. All weld seams on this trolley, including the inner corner welds, were smoothed out.

These types of projects show how versatile we are. Working in consultation with the customer, we enjoy the challenge of starting from scratch time and time again to arrive at a well-functioning solution.

Technical challenges always welcome!


Karine De Bie

20 May 2021