Alinco, at your service.

There is no doubt about what Alinco does: stainless steel sheet metal forming, making products

- ranging from simple pieces to cabinets, carts, platforms and very complex, technically challenging parts

- ranging from industrial finish to very high-end finished parts

While you may consider these as products, we see ourselves primarily as a partner who provides a service. This service translates into:

- support in developing projects, finding solutions in consultation with the customers

- support with design or redesign; if the customer involves us in the bigger picture, we can often offer a cheaper technical solution that is higher quality with a redesign

- support with measurements

- a technical helpline that can be called upon at an early stage of the project design

- of course, our hallmark accurate pricing and on-time deliveries, as well as high quality are also part of the service; but that’s not all


Our team of 10 designers is there to assist you, obviously together with the rest of our people who, day in day out, really go out of their way to bring each and every project to a successful conclusion.

04 April 2022