The most important thing: please state on your order form the desired (but realistic) delivery date.  If you do not specify a delivery deadline, we assume that your order is not urgent.

  • Please send any questions regarding planning to or call Tim Van Langenhove on +32 (0)3 780 88 89.
  • After ordering you will receive a provisional delivery date. Since underestimating the necessary time to complete a project is not uncommon in production or because things do not always go as smoothly as planned, please wait for a collection message from us before arranging transport.
  • In the case of projects where our drawing is submitted to the customer for approval, delayed approvals or more revisions than planned may delay the delivery date initially scheduled. This explains why your order may be rescheduled after the final approval of the drawing.
  • External post-treatments such as paintwork, electropolishing and galvanization extend the delivery deadlines by 1 or 2 working weeks. For urgent projects, it is worth considering choosing stainless steel without post-treatment, for example, rather than a steel plate with a varnish finish.

Partial deliveries are possible.

Subject to agreement, we can work on demand (but always according to the same revision number - revision changes during a call-off order will incur a surcharge).