Design by customer:

Feel free to provide us with your electronic drawings:

  • Simple drawings preferably 2D in .dxf or .dwg (rev14 please, even though an older version, we are sure to be able to read it) 
  • Other drawings preferably 3D in SolidWorks, if not in .step or .iges, or any other format compatible with SW
  • Files for laser engraving: another traditional character extension (.dxf, .dwg, .stp, etc.) or Corel Draw (version 1, 2 or 3)
  • N.B.: for quotation requests, please send a dimensioned drawing in .pdf, possibly complemented with a .dxf or .dwg for more complex drawings.


In order for a drawing to be cut by the laser cutting machine, you should provide:

  • Entirely closed outlines, no double contour lines.
  • Parallel lines minimum 0.5 mm from each other.
  • Minimum line length also 0.5 mm from each other.
  • Only a combination of straight lines and segments of circles, no “splines” = curved lines that you can draw with the help of a drawing program. So, please avoid ellipses, etc., and also use circle segments to draw these.
  • Drawing scale 1/1. When ordering, also send a dimensioned drawing to allow us to check the scale one more time.
  • Mark the visible side where needed (for foil-coated plate or one-sided polished plate) and/or upper side of the plate in the case of a diamond plate.
  • Draw tapped holes directly with the hole to laser out; do the same for holes to bevel out.
  • Clearly indicate the material quality and amount on the drawing.


Would you like this information in PDF format? Click here.